The Natural Approach to Erosion

Erosion is a natural occurance. So naturally, we a take a natural approach to controlling it. Small to large erosion problems at your home or business can be handled in a variety of ways which will not only cure the problem but will beautify and add value to your property. We will inspect your problem, and find solutions that will work with nature to control water flow and to create a beautiful, sustainable area out of what was once a problem for you.

Natural Stone Terracing by Aching Acres Landscaping

Natural Stone Terracing

We use a variety of limestone boulders and sandstone ledge rock to create natural terracing systems that are beautiful and will direct rain run-off in ways that will help your area—not destroy it. Terracing also provides unique opportunities for the owner to plant flower beds and add water features to your landscape.

Ledge Rock retaining wall for Erosion Control

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

For larger sloped areas we can install large ledge rock walls that will keep that will hold back runaway soil. Our walls are backfilled with gravel, and have mats installed behind them that prevent soil and small rock from working it's way through the wall.

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Aching Acres Sod and Seeding services

Sod and Seeding

Professionally installed sod and proper seeding is a quick and natural way to prevent erosion problems. Check out our Sod and Seeding page for more information.

Natural Stone Terracing

Natural Limestone Terracing

Stone terracing decreases slope in problem areas reducing runoff. This method is also attractive and creates a natural environment for planting and ornamentation.

Ledge rock retaining wall by Aching Acres Landscaping for erosion control

Retaining Walls

Installation of a natural stone retaining wall such as this work in progress is an attractive way to manage problem areas and steep grades that present erosion problems.


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