Plant and Softscape Specialists

We know plants. Our professionals can help you pick the right type of plants for your specific needs. We’ll make recommendations to you based on your landscape, your level of maintenance ability, and a variety of other factors.

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Softscape Design

When we design a landscape, one of the most important elements factored in from the beginning will be the type of plants we use in your project. We choose plants that will work with your individual project. It is our guarantee that your softscape pieces will live long, compliment your surroundings, and provide a level of maintenance that you are comfortable with. We have plant experts on staff that will help you make wise decisions on what and where to plant. All plants installed by Aching Acres Landscaping are guaranteed healthy for one full year!

See our Landscape Design page for more inspiration!

Start with the Best Plants

We only buy plants from the top respected nurseries and growers around, including our own nursery. So you can be assured that every plant we install will be healthy from the get go.

Planting Experts

Planting is a science and an art. Our experts know how to put plants and trees in the ground so they will last for years to come. And we’ll leave you with the knowledge and instruction you’ll need to take care of them properly.

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