About Us

The Midwest's Natural Stone Specialists

Located in the heart of the midwest in southern Indiana, near the Illinois and Kentucky borders, we specialize in designing and building natural stone landscapes and hardscapes, mulch blowing, pondless water features, lakesides, landscape design and architecture, green/sustainable design and erosion control.

Our History

A young boy's dream driven by a family passion.

In the early 1970s Lloyd and Helen Hahn sprouted a small plant nursery on the west side of Evansville Indiana. What they didn't know at the time was that the best and brightest seeds they were planting in that small nursery were those that were growing inside their young grandson Danny Fuquay. As a young boy, Danny developed a knowledge and a love for plants while spending time with, and learning from his grandparents.

In 1993 Dan put his passion to work at a local landscape company. He honed his skills and began to learn and enjoy the beauty of natural stone landscaping. But he had bigger ideas, and he knew he could do better.

It didn't take long for Dan to merge his love for landscaping and his family business sense. In August of 1996 Dan Fuquay started his own landscaping company and proudly gave it a name that to this day reminds him of where it all started—Aching Acres.

Our Business Philosophy

Hire the best people, give 'em the best tools, and you'll do the best work.

It's really that simple. We don't hire laborers. We hire Landscapers. Every member of our team harbors a deep passion and a love for landscaping. They take pride in their work, and we take pride in them. And ultimately all that pride and passion is reflected in the quality and the level of perfection that you'll see in your landscape projects when you hire us.

We know from experience that when you hire the right people and treat them like family, you will always exceed your customer's expectations. That's why all of our employees receive full benefits packages, and the top salaries in their fields.

We equip our professionals with the most advanced equipment available today. From excavating equipment to mulch blowers, and to our fleet of trucks, our state-of-the-art landscaping equipment ensures that the job gets done properly and on time.

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