Dyed Hardwood Mulch

Quality landscaping mulch is a must-have for any landscape environment, and we have the best. Proper use of a good hardwood-based mulch will help keep plants alive longer, repel insects, and beautify your home and landscaping.

Our mulch is comprised of the best types of ground hardwood, maintaining much-needed moisture for your plants while helping to keep insects at bay. Dyed mulch will simply retain its color longer than non-dyed mulch, and let’s face it – who has time to mulch more than once a year? Our mulch will retain its color up to twice as long as non-dyed mulch.

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Mulch Services

Express Blower Service

Aching Acres Express Blower Service can make quick work of any size mulch job, saving you time and money! With hundreds of feet of blower hose, mulch trucks stay off your lawn, leaving your yard untouched. And it doesn’t stop at mulch: we can blow in a variety of material for all types of projects. Contact us at the form below to schedule mulch service, delivery, or pick up.

Bulk Mulch Delivery

We provide delivery service as well as installation. If you prefer to have bulk loads delivered, just give us a call. For delivery, we service the entire Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky Tri-state area.

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